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Everyone has a motherland, a mother tongue, a family, a faith…This signifies another feature of community identity i.e.

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Social Darwinism, is a theory that emphasised the importance of _____ change

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Ruling families of Mewar, in Rajasthan India, is an example of _____ authority

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The new spinning and weaving machines destroyed the ______ industry of the Indian subcontinent with technological innovations in the textile industry in Britain

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Social stratification persists over _______________.

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The hierarchical ordering of castes is based on the distinction between

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The value of goods and services produced by residents of a country and the value of their property is called_________.

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Who gave the concept of "Sanskritization"?

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The natural disaster that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Andaman Islands, and parts of Tamil Nadu in December 2004 was ______

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The book "An essay on the principle of population" was written By:


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