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When a family or an individual runs a business successfully and passes it onto the next generation, then such an entrepreneur is, generally, termed as family  entrepreneur.

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Which of the following is a problem connected with Business ?

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Which of these theories involve taking a moderate amount of risk as a function of skill and not chance?

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How can you build perseverance in your daily life?

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Which of these actions of an entrepreneur will most likely result in creative destruction?

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Agriculture has always been considered as a low-yielding entrepreneurship. It has now introduced new and innovative technology to maximize the yield, giving birth to agriculture entrepreneurship.

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An entrepreneur who is the owner of more than one business is called:

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Qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

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Which of the following is a type of opportunities ?

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Which of these is not a type of entrepreneurship?

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Business opportunity relates with.

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he word ‘entrepreneur’ is derived from the French word entreprendre, which means ‘to undertake’.

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Who should be involved in preparing a firm’s business plan?

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The Industrial Revolution gave birth to entrepreneurs, who use their technical expertise to create and offer machines, tools and methods.

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Entrepreneurship Development Program is helpful for:

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What are the various schemes to help small – scale entrepreneurs gain capital

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. Which of these is not a challenge for the entrepreneur?

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. What is the purpose of a feasibility study for starting a new venture?

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A goal is somewhere we want to reach. It is the aim or result that we want from an activity. Goal makes us to  complete the work.

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What should be the main worry of a company’s founder who asks for capital in exchange for equity shares in their venture?


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